Student Ambassadors: Grace from China

17. 12. 2019 | Student Ambassadors

Grace from China - Student Ambassador

Why did you choose Czech Republic?

Firstly, because of the project, Chinese schools and Prague have cooperation, so I have the opportunity to come to Prague to study, and secondly, because Prague is relatively safe, there have been no dangerous incidents in recent years, and finally the tuition, compared to other European countries in Prague Tuition is very friendly for students.

Could you explain what is it like to study at MIAS CTU?

Compared to Chinese universities, studying here will require you to be more conscious and disciplined. The course is more challenging for me, but I can learn a lot of useful things.

How expensive was it for you to study there?

For me, the tuition of CTU is very friendly compared to other European countries.

What was the student life like when you were not studying?

I have been studying and living in Prague for more than a year. I use my vacation time to travel in Europe. I have visited many European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Spain, Hungary. I enjoy making travel plans and spending less money to go to more places. At the same time, I have participated in Chinese dance clubs, studied traditional Chinese dance, studied traditional cultural costumes, and communicated with Czech culture.

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

First, studying in the Czech Republic is a great environment for learning Czech.

Secondly, many excellent Chinese companies have branches in Prague. For my profession, I have many opportunities to go to these companies for internships, but in China, it is difficult to enter these companies for internships.

Do you have any advice for other international students?

Experience more new things, make more new friends, and don’t limit yourself to existing circles. If you have enough time, you can learn Czech. Your current environment will help you learn Czech very soon.

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