How to find a job as an expat in the Czech Republic

13. 7. 2020 | PR articles

How to find a job as an expat in the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic also often referred to as Czechia is the central European expat dreamland. Nearly half a million foreigners have decided to make Czech Republic their second home. According to the Expat Insider guide’s ranking, this year the country has been evaluated as the second-best in the world to work in for foreigners. With the following tips on how to find a job there, we would like to give you some guidance to help you become a happy job expat in this lovely country and experience the charm of the Czech Republic at first hand.

Working in the Czech Republic as an expat

Before we start with the job-seeking insights, let’s look at some reasons why is this country such a good place to relocate to and seize new work opportunities. To start with, the constantly growing and prospering economy in recent years has increased the interest and number of expatriates choosing the country as their new home. Expats in Czechia are satisfied with the work-life balance, stating that the Czech employers offer favorable conditions in terms of benefits, extra vacation days, a safe and secure work environment, and opportunities to grow on the job.

It is worth mentioning that the unemployment rates for the country are at an all-time low and many young people successfully enter the local job market and find themselves operating in modern business entities with many possibilities to learn, grow and work in an international setting.

Note that once you find a job, you will start getting your salary in the local currency – the Czech koruna. This might take some time to adjust. One euro amounts to nearly 27 Czech korunas.

Where to search for jobs

Apart from the usual resources such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed’s Czech Republic section, there are some other useful resources such as the Europe Language Jobs job board with job offers for different language speakers in many cities around the country or some local websites such as Jobs CZ. Try exploring different sources that can help you encounter interesting positions. Another common way is joining different online communities such as Facebook groups for expats or job opportunities. For example, check out Multilingual Jobs CZ, Jobs for foreigners Czech Republic  or Expat Jobs in Czech Republic.

These groups will for sure help you get an insight into the job-seeking world for internationals.  Being proactive can only work in your favor. You can open discussions, ask questions, and scroll through various offers since there are many daily posts from recruiters advertising job opportunities in different business sectors.

Common expat jobs in the Czech Republic

In general, the most developed and growing industries in the Czech Republic are finance, IT, tourism, and manufacturing with the automotive industry being the largest. These upward trends in such multinational business sectors result in interesting roles for specialists from all over the world.

The demand for international employees is growing every year and some of the common positions that expats usually kick off the work-life in the Czech Republic are Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, Account Management and Business Development, and IT.

Most popular cities to find a job

It goes without saying that the most desired city to move to amongst foreigners is Prague. Other popular choices to find a job are Brno and Ostrava.

Prague as the biggest and capital city is considered to be the most desired expat location in Czechia. The costs of living are the highest in the country but so are the chances to find a job and enjoy life in one of Europe’s most vivid destinations.

Most wanted foreign language speakers by international companies in the Czech Republic

If you are trying to find a job as an expat in the Czech Republic, you most probably have no to basic Czech language skills. But no worries, this will not lower your chances to land the perfect job for you since many international companies are anyway using English as their working language. The other most wanted European language speakers in international companies are German followed by Slovak, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Nordic languages, French and Italian.

The Czech Republic has become a very attractive place in Europe for many who wish to follow a career abroad. The local job market has a lot to offer and chances for expats are becoming more and more diverse making the country one to consider when seeking international job experience.