Study and work

Graduation – What to do Before and After

In the Czech Republic, many students work and study at the same time. There are working options for foreign students who do not speak the Czech language too. Many international companies located in big cities such as Prague or Brno are interested in hiring students who speak foreign languages. Most of university graduates are employed …

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Student Jobs in the Czech Republic

An employment relationship in the Czech Republic is established by an employment contract. The employment contract must include the type of work which the employee will perform, the place or places of his work and the date on which the employee will start working. In addition to employment contract, the Czech Labor Code provides two …

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Working during studies

Many students in the Czech Republic study and work at the same time. Although there are some scholarship options for students enrolled at Czech universities, it is rarely possible to live solely from this budget, so it is quite common for students to have a part-time job. International students might find the language barrier a …

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