Graduation – What to do Before and After

18. 11. 2019 | Alumni and Career

Graduation in the Czech RepublicIn the Czech Republic, many students work and study at the same time. There are working options for foreign students who do not speak the Czech language too. Many international companies located in big cities such as Prague or Brno are interested in hiring students who speak foreign languages.

Most of university graduates are employed by the biggest Czech companies after the graduation. The average salary at the beginning of these students is up to 700 EUR. Many universities also host job fairs, attended by representatives of big western European companies, such as Škoda Auto, Honeywell, ČEZ, Procter & Gamble, MBtech Bohemia, HP, Ericson, ABB, DHL, etc. During those fairs, students have the opportunity to meet and network with the recruiters and find a job in the field.

Many students enrolled at one of the Czech universities work during their studies or undergo internships in the field of their studies. This allows them to gain work experience and increase their chances to get a full-time job after graduation.

Therefore, 95% of graduates have no troubles finding a job in the Czech Republic and abroad as the Czech diplomas are recognized worldwide.

The Czech Republic maintains Europe’s lowest unemployment rate for many years now. Recently, CV building platform ran a comparison of 32 popular European cities using statistics from Eurostat and cost of living data from Numbeo to determine the cities across the continent that might offer university graduates the most opportunity as they transfer from university to the market place. Glasgow topped the list, but Prague came in right behind the Scottish city at #2.

The comparison ranked each city by five key criteria:

  • apartment rental costs,
  • general cost of living, an economic category that included unemployment and average wages,
  • the number of other new graduates in each city,
  • sports & fitness satisfaction,
  • culture & entertainment satisfaction.

Prague received mostly high marks in each category without ranking among the top three in any of them.

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