How to write a CV

Weekend part-time jobs are in full swing. If you’re still looking for work, you’ll certainly appreciate a few tips on writing a flawless CV. Do you argue that writing a CV is nothing difficult? Well, you’d be surprised how many mistakes your resume probably contains. Let’s have a look at what you shouldn’t forget to […]

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Graduation as a ceremonial event as well as a superhero costume parade

Whether you’ve just started studying or you’re almost ready to pass your finals, a graduation ceremony awaits you. In order to prepare for this special event, we bring you some interesting and useful information about the whole thing. A graduation ceremony is a ceremonial event where university graduates receive their diploma and get their academic […]

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Graduation – What to do Before and After

In the Czech Republic, many students work and study at the same time. There are working options for foreign students who do not speak the Czech language too. Many international companies located in big cities such as Prague or Brno are interested in hiring students who speak foreign languages. Most of university graduates are employed […]

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