Importance of fitness in a student’s life

22. 9. 2021 | Student Life

sport activities for studentsThere has been researches that show the positive correlation between being physically active and improving as a student. Being a young student means you have a lot of potentials to be able to develop new hobbies that can benefit your fitness. It can be anything like running, skipping, or going to the gym. Exercising at least four times a week increases your metabolic rate which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Being physically fit doesn’t require you have a strict schedule, but just have enough discipline to repeat it at least four times a week. These are a few benefits of exercising and being active:

  1. Weight loss: as students our weight tends to fluctuate according to the stress of university and exams. Going to the gym and exercising is a beneficial habit to keep up your metabolism other than just sitting at your desk and studying for hours.
  2. Prevents chronic disease: we all have those days where we turn to comfort food while preparing for a stressful final. It is okay to eat all of this food till the time you are trying to get a few steps in or go for a jog to balance out all the carbs and sugar you have eaten. Being physically fit helps lower blood sugar levels and keeps a check on your health.
  3. Ensures strong bone, muscle, and joint development: adolescents is the ideal time to invest in yourself and your health. This will only make you stronger, and increase your stamina, and will never make you feel old.
  4. Increases energy and confidence: laziness is the key to an unfit body. Being fit makes you active, allows you to tackle more tasks in a day, boosts your energy levels and confidence in yourself. Not only that but completing a certain workout challenge gives you the feeling of satisfaction and also trains your mind to have stronger willpower.

Having an enthusiastic and active lifestyle overhauls your personality. It lets you perform physical activities without being tired or restless. It also ensures that you are mentally fit and stress-free. So here is your cue to embark on your fitness journey while starting a new semester at university.


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