Czech videogames for 2023

4. 10. 2023 | Student Life

Czech videogames for 2023We talked about the Czech gaming industry in several articles already and we also informed you that you can study game development in Prague. There are many games in the making for 2023, but we mainly focus on historical and educational games that tell the history of our country like Attentat 1942, Svoboda 1945: Liberation and Train to Sachsenhausen. What interesting games are coming out in 2023?

Magna Regna

Magna Regna is a real-time strategy game created by the Hammer Games studio. It’s a typical RTS you’re used to that offers multiplayer and the possibility to edit your own maps. Set in the 7th century, Magna Regna covers the history of Great Moravia and the age of medieval knights. You will have fun gathering resources, fighting, developing trade and economy and even dealing with politics.


Hrot is one of those games that is pure fun. If you’re a fan of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D, you simply can’t miss this title. Its retro design shouts nostalgia and the gameplay is similar to popular shooters of the 90s. What’s Czech about it you might ask? The environment! You will explore Czechoslovakia in 1986 after an unspecified catastrophe took place. Hrot doesn’t have a story, you have to find it yourself, studying Communist posters and carefully placed propaganda.


Silicomrades is being developed by a studio under Charles Games (the developers of Attentat 1942, Svoboda 1945: Liberation and Train to Sachsenhausen) and is special for its unique 2D pencil-drawn graphic design. Originally, Silicomrades were created at the premises of Charles University back in 2019 and was recognised to be the best student game of that year. However, the makers continued developing their student project and its full official release should come soon.

Last Holiday

Despite its English title, Last Holiday is a survival game set in a typical Czech village in Northern Bohemia in 2000. If you want to experience trying to survive in the Czech countryside, you will have a lot of fun with this game.

Forgotten But Unbroken

This game is being developed by a Slovak game studio based in Nitra. As a player, you will be put in charge of rebels during the Second World War and your mission will be nothing less than to free Slovakia. The game also includes Czech dubbing if you feel like practising your Czech.

Vivat Slovakia

Vivat Slovakia is another Slovak game coming out this year and its fans describe it as “Slovakian GTA.” It might sound like a typical shooter, but your character will explore the streets of Bratislava in the 1990s during the turbulent times when Czechoslovakia was divided into Czechia and Slovakia. The main character is a young taxi driver who will have to face the mafia.



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