Study Game Development in Prague

25. 1. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Study Game Development in PragueThe video game industry is a growing business that is gradually taking over the entertainment sector. Its revenue has been increasing every year over the last decade and it has grown to be bigger than the movie and sports industry combined. It’s no wonder university education has to react to the demand for new programmers and designers. Game Studies have recently become available at Charles University in Prague as well.

There are three distinctive game development fields you can choose from: Game Programming, Game Design and Game Arts. You can take courses such as Gameplay Programming, Adaptive Music and Interactive Video, Rapid Game Development, Animation and Graphics Production, Computer Games Development, Human-like Artificial Agents, Computer Games as a New Medium and many others.

Gamedev also organises multiple events each year for their students to take part in like hosting Game Jam sites and developers’ tournaments. Gamedev partners are prominent Czech game development teams Bohemia Interactive (famous for Arma and DayZ) and Warhorse Studios (famous for the Mafia series and Kingdom Come: Deliverance).

So if you’d like to study Game Development in the Czech Republic, feeling inspired by our famous video games, now’s your chance.

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