Multiple Czech video games made the bestseller list for 2019

14. 1. 2020 | News

Czech video games Several video games developed by Czech authors saw worldwide interest last year. According to tech industry site Czech Crunch, several Czech games placed among last year’s bestsellers, including the widely popular VR-hit Beat Saber, whose parent studio Beat Games was recently purchased by Facebook.

Based on a research by gamer platform Steam which ranked the top 100 games based on gross revenues in 2019, the Czech nation has had a mighty influence on the game development circuit with a number of Czech-made video games ranking high in their respected genres.

Czech games that made the top 100 list include the iconic medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance from Prague’s Warhorse Studios, which was placed in the bronze category (as did Beat Saber). Holding a silver position is Bohemian Interactive studio for its Arma 3 from 2013.

The most successful Czech company in the ranking is SCS Software and its truck simulators. Specifically, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator which ended up in the silver and bronze category respectively.

Yet the biggest success has been celebrated by Beat Games, the Czech video game studio behind the wildly popular VR game Beat Saber. The studio has been purchased by Facebook, the US tech giant, in November 2019. The game studio remains at its Prague headquarters but now falls under the Oculus umbrella as an independent branch of Facebook’s growing foray into the VR marketplace.

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