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Learn about Czech WWII history through a videogame

That Czechia is a country rich for its videogame production is no secret. Just remember games like the Mafia Trilogy, Beat Saber, Arma, Machinarium, Euro Truck Simulator and many others. However, except for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there aren’t really that many games that accurately map Czech history. That’s why you should give special attention to …

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Czech and Slovak videogames that educate

If you like videogames and are interested in the Czech Republic, you might already know several famous Czech videogames like Beat Saber for VR, Mafia, Arma, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Euro Truck Simulator, Samorost, Machinarium, Feudal Alloy and many others. You can even study Game Development at Charles University or join a Game Studies club at …

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Multiple Czech video games made the bestseller list for 2019

Several video games developed by Czech authors saw worldwide interest last year. According to tech industry site Czech Crunch, several Czech games placed among last year’s bestsellers, including the widely popular VR-hit Beat Saber, whose parent studio Beat Games was recently purchased by Facebook. Based on a research by gamer platform Steam which ranked the …

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