Czech and Slovak videogames that educate

29. 1. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Czech and Slovak videogames that educateIf you like videogames and are interested in the Czech Republic, you might already know several famous Czech videogames like Beat Saber for VR, Mafia, Arma, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Euro Truck Simulator, Samorost, Machinarium, Feudal Alloy and many others. You can even study Game Development at Charles University or join a Game Studies club at Masaryk University. Playing games is fun but did you know that there’re some Czech and Slovak games that can actually help you with your studies?

Virtual Medicine

is a Slovak project for VR that can tremendously help medical students. Its developers created a platform which can teach you human anatomy in a unique and very effective way. It offers high-detailed anatomical 3D models with English/Latin labels so you can visualise a human body in different perspectives. If only it existed when I was a student at grammar school—maybe I’d actually remember names of all those bones with no sweat.

Attentat 1942

by Charles Games is an award-winning narrative video game that tells a story of Nazi occupation through the eyes of survivors. The player experiences the memories of witnesses through interactive comics, rare digitized film footage, challenging mini-games and cinematic interviews done by professional historians. Learning about history has never been more engaging. You can purchase the game on Steam. Charles Games is currently developing another historical game that is hopefully coming soon.

Who said that playing games can’t be both fun and educative?

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