Upcoming conferences in September 2023

31. 8. 2023 | News

Upcoming conferences in September 2023The summer is slowly coming to its end which means that the academic year 2023/2024 is here! We hope that you’re excited to either return to school or start an exciting new journey as a first-year university student. There are many interesting conferences that you can attend this September so don’t miss out on those!

Castrum Bene 2023

September 4-8, Plzeň

The University of West Bohemia invites you to their international conference Burg und (Un)Recht which will be held in both English and German. If you’re a student of history or archaeology, this conference is for you. You will have a chance to meet more than fifty researchers from Central, Southern and Eastern Europe and the topic of castles will be covered in various contexts.


Liberec Economic Forum

September 5-6, Liberec

Liberec Economic Forum is an international conference organised by the Technical University of Liberec and serves as a platform for presenting research discoveries and exchanging experience in the field of economic development.

The conference aims to foster innovation, support research and amplify development to boost the competitiveness of business at regional, national and international levels. This year, the main theme is Business Resilience and Sustainability in Planetary Age: Rules of Survival. Papers presented at the conference will be indexed in the Web of Science database.


The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools

September 10-13, Brno

The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS for short) is organised by Mendel University and this year’s theme is Labyrinth of the World: Landscape Crossroads. The aim of this conference is to discuss current global changes and their impact on landscape architecture.

The organisers encourage the participants to consider these thought-provoking questions: “Which turn to take and which direction to follow in the labyrinth of the world? How to further develop our discipline? How to formulate research topics for the future. How to innovate teaching?” If you’re interested in landscape architecture, don’t miss this event.


Rethinking How to Train Teachers of Tomorrow

September 15-17, Prague

This international conference organised by Charles University is for dedicated teaching professionals. It aims to create a platform for sharing and discussing effective approaches and methods in teaching. There’s a gap between the theoretical knowledge that students of pedagogical majors obtain as their formal education and this event aims to make sure that future teachers are equipped with practical skills their profession requires, especially in the digital age.


Uneven-aged silviculture: Insights into forest adaptation in times of global change

September 18-20, Brno

This event, organised by Mendel University and University Forest Enterprise Křtiny, is highly unusual because it includes trips. Do you want to learn more about uneven-aged silviculture of forest adaptation under climate change and sustainable wood production and biodiversity while enjoying the fresh air outside? This is a perfect opportunity for exactly that!



September 27, Liberec

NanoCzech is a unique conference featuring nanotechnologies that takes place at the premises of the Technical University of Liberec. It’s the biggest conference of its kind in Czechia and it isn’t only for students or academics, but also for companies, startups and investors.

The conference will present the best that the Czech nanoindustry has to offer and you can look forward to lectures given by the world’s renowned innovators and high-tech companies like Elmarco, IQ Structures and Spur. There will be space for networking, panel discussions and presentations showcasing the newest technologies.


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