Upcoming conferences in October

25. 9. 2023 | News

Upcoming conferences in OctoberOctober is almost here and with it another selection of interesting conferences. We hope that some of you attended conferences in September, but if you didn’t manage because the academic year was just starting and you were too busy, there’s always more coming. What can you look forward to in October?

Revolution Accomplished

October 4-5, Prague

This is the fifth international conference organised by the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes that maps the communist power in the Soviet Bloc during the years 1981-1985. The conference aims to analyse the actions and development of communist parties in the Soviet Bloc and their internal struggles in the 1980s. The theme covers topics such as the Cold War, the Polish crisis, weaponry as a political tool, opposition, economic reforms, nationalism and many more.

Intercultural and Transcultural Dimensions in Linguistic, Cultural and Historical Context

October 26-28, Pardubice

The Department of Foreign Languages under the University of Pardubice invites you to the 10th international conference of this kind that will cover the current trends in teaching foreign languages (including online teaching), multiculturalism, intercultural training, the relation between intercultural competence and mobility, prevention of cultural misunderstandings and many more.


October 13, Brno

Symposium is a conference focuses on the business endeavours of students and young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Even though this is an independent event, its main partner is Masaryk University. The project started in 2010 as an initiative of the student organisation AIESEC that supports students in developing their leadership skills. Symposium aims to be a platform that encourages young people in their entrepreneurship endeavours.


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