University of Pardubice

Upcoming conferences in October

October is almost here and with it another selection of interesting conferences. We hope that some of you attended conferences in September, but if you didn’t manage because the academic year was just starting and you were too busy, there’s always more coming. What can you look forward to in October? Revolution Accomplished October 4-5, …

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Study Chemistry in the Czech Republic

It goes without saying that chemistry is very important. It covers all areas of our lives. The food we eat, medicine we take, and materials we use every day. It helps us to understand how the world around us works. Getting a chemistry degree is a great investment for your future. There are great options …

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Get all three degrees from Informatics in Public Administration

If you would like to study in the Czech Republic for as long as possible or even stay here indefinitely, you might consider obtaining all three degrees at one university. The University of Pardubice offers a unique study programme called Informatics in Public Administration and you can study it to gradually get your bachelor, master …

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