Get all three degrees from Informatics in Public Administration

27. 6. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

informatics in public administrationIf you would like to study in the Czech Republic for as long as possible or even stay here indefinitely, you might consider obtaining all three degrees at one university. The University of Pardubice offers a unique study programme called Informatics in Public Administration and you can study it to gradually get your bachelor, master and even PhD degree.

Pardubice is a medium-sized city on the river Elbe. If you don’t like dealing with crowds of people every day, this beautiful historical Bohemian town known for its famous horse-riding competition is only an hour away from Prague by train so you can still visit our capital each weekend if you want.

The Faculty of Economics and Administration offers several study programmes in English but only one which you can complete in all three degrees. Informatics in Public Administration can be studied as a 3-year long bachelor, 2-year long follow-up master and 4-year long doctoral study programme.

At the bachelor level, you’ll learn how to handle networks and databases, maintain IT systems and also create websites. That’s not all—you’ll gain knowledge in economics, law and management as well. You’ll become an IT specialist who can find work in the private sector, public organisations or start your own company. Or you can continue studying.

At the master level, you’ll gain a perfect understanding of the state-of-art ICT and learn to apply cyber principles in management. Study subjects include things like theory of systems, operational research, modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence, data mining but also microeconomics and public finance.

You can obtain true mastery by following your studies at the doctoral level. Only then you can take the highest positions of an IT expert, even at statutory cities and regions. There’s a standard study plan as well as optional subjects to take together with working on your dissertation under a supervisor.

Even though studying these programmes comes with a tuition, you can get significant scholarships so don’t hesitate to apply!

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