Popular Drinks in Czechia

5. 11. 2023 | Discover Czechia

Popular Drinks in CzechiaThere is nothing like meeting with friends, sitting together in a pub, chatting, having fun, enjoying life, and drinking something nice. Let’s have a look at some beverages that are popular in the Czech Republic.


Beer is probably the first drink that pops up first when people hear about Czechia. It is indeed a very popular beverage. If you like drinking something bitter, you will love Czech beer. For those who are not a big fan of bitter tastes, there is dark beer. It’s slightly sweeter than light beer. There are many companies producing beer. One of the most popular is in Pilsen. If you visit the town of Pilsen, you can go on an excursion to the local brewery and see how beer is made. There are a lot of small breweries all over the country too. Some of them produce specialty beers with interesting flavors. If you have the opportunity, you should taste some.

For drivers in the Czech Republic, there is zero alcohol tolerance. That is why nonalcoholic beer became popular. One thing many people like about it is that it doesn’t make them as sleepy as regular beer sometimes does. With or without alcohol, beer is a great match with Czech food. If you’re not hungry, you can just have some beer and have a great time with friends.


Wine is typical in the region of Moravia. There are vineyards and making wine has a big tradition in this part of the country. Whether people like wine more than beer is up to their personal preferences. There are beer people and there are wine people.

In September, there are wine festivals all over Czechia. At these festivals, you can taste young wine, which is called burčák. It’s possible to drink it only during this time of the year. Burčák has a very pleasant and sweet taste. Just be careful. Since it tastes so sweet, people have to remind themselves it contains alcohol. If you’re not into wine, it’s still a good idea to go to one of the wine festivals. There are a lot of other delicacies waiting for you.

When we speak about wine and Czechia, we mustn’t forget hot wine. Some people call it mulled wine. No matter what you call it, it’s a great drink for cold weather. It warms you up and tastes great. It’s made by heating wine and adding spices, such as cinnamon, star anise, or clove. When you go to a restaurant, hot wine is typically served with an orange slice. It adds a nice touch of sweetness. Some people like adding sugar to their hot wine too. Hot wine is sold during Christmas markets. You can see people holding cups with steam above and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.


After discussing beer and wine, let’s have a look at some soft drinks. Many restaurants offer homemade lemonade (limonáda). It’s usually not lemonade made of lemons, though. There are many kinds you can taste, such as elderberry, strawberry, raspberry, mango, cucumber, lavender, or combinations of more fruits. Each restaurant has its own recipes. You can often find pieces of the fruit it has been made of in your drink, which adds texture. This refreshing drink is typically served with slices of lemon or lime, mint leaves, and other things depending on the creativity of the bartender.


When it comes to drinks, there is so much to explore in Czechia. If you decide to study in the Czech Republic, you will always find a nice place to enjoy your drink and have a wonderful time with friends.


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