Popular Czech Festival Food

15. 10. 2023 | Discover Czechia

Popular Czech Festival FoodThe Czech Republic has a lot of open-air festivals and outdoor events. Sometimes there are events taking place at castles or park areas. You can go to special shows, little concerts, wine festivals, or see historical fencing. In this article, we are going to focus on the food you can buy at these open-air festivals and events. It has to be something nutritious you can grab while enjoying yourself.


Langoš is definitely worth trying. It resembles pizza a little bit. It’s also flat and made of risen dough. Unlike pizza, langoš is fried. The most typical way to serve it is with garlic, ketchup, and grated cheese. It’s very simple, which makes it a perfect snack. If you don’t like garlic, the places selling this festival staple will be happy to get you a langoš without it, only with ketchup and cheese. There is also a sweet version of langoš with cinnamon and sugar.


Klobása is a sausage typically served with bread and mustard. There is a smooth type of mustard and a type of mustard with chunks of seeds in it. This one is usually a bit spicy. At some places you can get horseradish. It has a characteristic pungent flavor. A lot of people enjoy scraping up the mustard and horseradish remaining on their plate using their piece of bread. By the way, Czech bread is very good. For those who are not a big fan of the spicy taste of mustard or the even spicier taste of horseradish, there is always ketchup.


You should try pickled cheese called Hermelín. It’s basically a Czech version of Camembert. In the Middle Ages, hermelín was the name for the fur around the king’s neck. This popular cheese also has coating, which resembles fur, just like the king. In some restaurants, you can order a fried version of this cheese. The pickled one is perfect for an outdoor festival. It’s served with spicy peppers. Be careful! They’re really hot! If you’re not in the mood for pickled food, you can get smoked cheese from the grill. You can find it at many outdoor festivals. This cheese is great when you are looking for something to munch on. You can buy several pieces of it and share them with friends.

Tank Beer

Beer is a very popular Czech beverage. There are many breweries all over the country. There are big companies and small breweries offering specialty beers. You will surely find many stalls with beer at outdoor festivals and events. You might come across a beer brand you have never heard of before. Outdoor festivals are a great marketing opportunity for smaller breweries. If you’re a beer lover, there is definitely a lot to discover in the Czech Republic.


These are some typical meals you can eat at special events. You can come across other tasty food, like sugar-coated almonds, gingerbread, grilled potatoes with veggies, fresh pastries, and much more. Outdoor festivals are popular with start-up businesses related to the food industry. You can always discover something new and interesting.

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