Mendel University helps with research on the psychological effects of COVID

24. 4. 2020 | News

 psychological effects of COVID-19The research team from Mendel University in Brno conducted a questionnaire survey “Psychological Stressors and Behavioral Consequences of COVID-19″ in 42 countries and aims to map the factors that can influence people’s well-being and decision-making during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of this international cooperation can help state authorities to understand the psychological consequences of a pandemic and then communicate with the public.

It is important to be mentally healthy not only for one’s good mood. Mental health also affects the behaviour of people on the market, which will be one of the most important factors when restarting the economics. The scientists are now trying to find out how the pandemic and the restrictions caused by it influence people’s everyday life, their relationships and behaviour. The Mendel University contributes to this international project with its research team.

The authors of the project are scientists from the Aarhus University in Denmark and are being joined by scientists from all around the world. Therefore, the conclusions of the research will reflect the situation in many countries. According to Jiří Čeněk from the Mendel University, the range of this research is what makes it unique: “We have more than 100 000 responders from all continents. The research is unique, because it allows us to compare the psychological effects of COVID-19 crisis in different countries but also to deeper analyse the situation in the Czech Republic. The results of this international collaboration can help experts to understand the psychological consequences of the pandemic. It will also help the governments around the world to identify the groups of people in danger in the psychological way and can make it easier to help them.”

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