Moving to Prague

9. 9. 2021 | Student Life

International student moving to th Czech RepublicWith the pandemic restrictions reducing, and things getting back to normal and the new academic semester starting for the students here are a few things newbies should be informed about. This will help you plan ahead for your stay in Prague which would make sure that you have a great semester here.

Relevant documents for travel and COVID-19 documents:

Make sure to have relevant travel documents like your passport with the long-stay visa or your biometrics card on you. Ensure sure you have the originals of your visa, transcripts before coming to Prague.

Make sure to have your covid vaccine certificate, or proof of recent COVID recovery, or a negative test (antigen or PCR) result on you, when you are walking around Prague. Vaccine certificates from third countries, eg the US will be accepted by the Czech government. However, they have to be vaccines that are registered by the EU or the WHO.

You can find some of the testing sites around Prague, if you require any.


When you arrive in Prague it’s good to have some money on you. The currency used in this country is the Czech crowns or “Koruna česká”. If you need to exchange foreign currency, check out Honest Guide. Research about which ATM offers a better rate if you wish to withdraw money from your foreign account.

Consider getting yourself a Revolut card. This allows for fee-free currency exchange within its application and can be used like any other bank card. You can use contactless in most places in Prague, and you can also withdraw money using your Revould card from your foreign bank account using the ATMs but that would still be charged.

Getting to the city center

You can either use a:

  • Taxi: this would be the most expensive option but the easiest one. You can download Uber or Bolt for the best rates but be ready to pay at least 27 euros.
  • Airport shuttle: this is the easiest and the most feasible way to get to the airport to the Prague train station ( Praha Hlavni Nadrazi). It would cost 90 czk to take this shuttle.
  • Bus and metro: if you buy your ticket from the airport or you have coins you can buy a ticket from the machine by the bus stop outside the terminal for 40 czk for 90 mins.

Home comforts 

It’s absolutely true that you will be able to purchase anything in Prague for your new living space. You can buy these things from IKEA, malls, shops, and corner stores around the city. Although moving to Prague will be an amazing experience and filled with adventure but it’s nice to bring things that remind you of home and keep you grounded. They help you get through your hard times here and it can also be a good way to share your culture with your new friends.

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