Moving to Prague

With the pandemic restrictions reducing, and things getting back to normal and the new academic semester starting for the students here are a few things newbies should be informed about. This will help you plan ahead for your stay in Prague which would make sure that you have a great semester here. Relevant documents for …

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September restart for university students

Just like New Year is somehow a magical date for most people to start with new habits or breaking old ones, September feels similar to students. There’s something about a new academic year that makes you think that you can make it this time, even though reality usually proves you wrong. How to actually make …

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Mentoring for freshmen at CTU

The current coronavirus pandemic and strict lockdown is probably the most difficult for freshmen. While older students already know how the university system works, it can be challenging for new students as they didn’t have time to properly adapt to academic environment and get to know their classmates and teachers. To help their freshmen, Czech …

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