PhD programmes at the University of West Bohemia

11. 7. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

PhD programmes at the University of West BohemiaPilsen is a city in the west Bohemia famous for its beer Pilsner, historical monuments and it’s the fourth biggest city in Czechia. It’s also home to the University of West Bohemia that consists of nine faculties and offers several intriguing PhD programmes in English.

The Faculty of Economics accepts foreign students for Economics and Management. If you want to become a research expert in this field, you might want to consider it. You’ll study subjects such as economic theories, methodology of science, economic and financial management, decision support methods, human resource management, logistic systems, reporting in the international context and many others.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is offering three PhD degrees in English: Engineering Technologies and Materials, Theory and Design of Machines and Industrial Engineering and Management. If engineering is what makes you tick, you can’t go wrong with these highly technical but rewarding programmes.

If you’re a humanities kind of person, you might want to check out the Faculty of Arts. Did you study Archaeology before as your master’s? Do you wish to take your knowledge to a different level? You’ll learn all about independent scientific research in the field, creative methodology and deepen your empirical skills you need in order to master archaeological theory as well as practical laboratory research and field work.

Not a fan of digging in the dirt? Consider History and Philosophy of Science and Technology! This is a truly interdisciplinary field that includes philosophy, history and social conditionality of scientific theories and their applications—ideal for those of you who enjoy purely academic pursuits.

For enthusiastic historians, there’s Modern History. You’ll gain deep knowledge of modern world history as well as selected parts of Czechoslovak history. You can then work at faculties of humanities, research institutes, museums and various educational institutions.

If history isn’t your thing, try International Relations. It’ll help you land a job as a highly qualified expert in public and state organisations, international institutions, consultancy agencies, think tanks, diplomatic services and even armed forces or the media.

Do you dream of living in Prague but these study programmes caught your interest? Don’t worry, Pilsen is only an hour and half away from Prague and trains there run very frequently. You can study there, enjoy local beer while still able to visit our beautiful capital every weekend!

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