Prague City University – IBF Residential Real Estate Seminar

31. 8. 2021 | News

Prague City University seminarDr. Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of the school of business will be a keynote speaker for the International Business Forum’s 6th Annual Residential Real Estate Seminar: ‘Uncharted Territory’. He will be covering topics like how the COVID pandemic has affected the European economy and what the future holds now. He will also be discussing what changes to expect in terms of economy, workplace environment, and the safety of investments.

This will be a half-day seminar, which will be held on Thursday, 2nd September. The venue of the seminar will be the offices of KPMG.

The main area of focus will be how the pandemic has affected the real estate market. How the construction costs have rapidly been increasing and how the changes in the construction laws have been having a huge impact on these increased prices. Other than Dr. Cavagnetto, who is the keynote speaker, there will also be some top real estate, finance, and construction experts who will discuss the topic. They would also be there to answer a few questions in the open Q&A. they include:

Peter Višňovský – Director, Lexxus

 Igor Klajmon - Chief Development Officer, Sekyra Group

 Lars Klett – Partner, UEPA advokáti

 Pavel Kliment – Partner, KPMG

The seminar is open to members of IBF (350czk) and non-members (650czk). There would be a light breakfast served during the seminar from 8.30 am. it is assumed that the seminars would go on till midday.

If you would be interested to attend you can RSVP to as soon as possible as there are only limited places available.


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