Prague College; Earn your British degree in Prague

5. 2. 2020 | PR articles

Prague CollegeSince its establishment in 2004, Prague College has become one of the most successful universities in Central Europe, offering degrees in Business, Art & Design, Creative Media Production & IT, as well as a variety of professional qualifications including ACCA & CIMA.

Prague College’s British-Accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s level Degrees are awarded through a strategic partnership with Teesside University in the United Kingdom. The partnership extends beyond the final Teesside University Diploma which Prague College students earn upon graduation, to shared knowledge and resources, helping to develop and improve the learning and teaching outcomes, which ultimately leads to an impressive level of employment success for our graduates. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester at Teesside University, at the same cost as their regular fees, excluding accommodation costs in the UK.

Prague College is located in the heart of Prague and spans over two centrally located campuses. While student residential accommodation is only 20 minutes away via the public transport system. With students and teaching staff from all over the globe, the college offers an exciting international environment fostering diverse exchanges of ideas and experiences, as well as facilitating a rich social life for our students outside of the classroom.


All tuition is in English and class sizes are small, allowing for individual attention from our experienced and highly qualified teachers. Most importantly, our programmes offer practice-based learning methods, requiring students to create and solve real-life case studies, as well as work to client-driven briefs, developing and presenting innovative solutions for external businesses. This gives our students a definitive edge over those who study traditional learning methods, as their professional skills are continuously tested, their confidence builds and they graduate fully prepared for employment.

Through building our Industry Partner Network, we ensure our students’ success by growing and maintaining strong links to global and regional companies. This allows our students to hear from leading professionals in the classroom and by attending our special guest lectures. Prague College regularly consults with our partners to ensure all programmes address the latest industry-required skills training and development. In turn, partners have the opportunity to meet our talented students and regularly award internships and work placement opportunities before and after graduation.

Prague College is committed to creating innovative and confident graduates. This principle is continuously realised, with many of our Alumni achieving prestigious careers both locally and internationally.


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