Student Ambassadors: Rajivv Rajivv Masaryk University

5. 12. 2019 | Student Ambassadors

Rajivv-486938At Masaryk University, every faculty has a student ambassador – one of our resident students from abroad who helps those who would like to study muni or have just started their studies. On the Faculty of Informatics, it is Rajivv Rajivv and here is a quick interview with him:

1. How did you find out about MUNI and why did you decide to study here?

I got information about MUNI from my friend who studied here before me and after that, I tried to find out from the MUNI website, Muni is one of the best universities in the Czech Republic, moreover, it’s located in Brno considered as one of the best city for student worldwide.

2. What are your favorite aspects of MUNI (and why would you recommend it)?

There is no doubt about the quality of MUNI and the internationalize atmosphere of Brno is simply awesome. Nonetheless, it has affordable tuition fees and living costs.

3. What is your role as an ambassador?

I am in a position in which I am able to promote MUNI in other countries and especially Indonesia. I help the prospective student to settle down with their difficulties such as culture and administrative issues.

4. With what issues do you help students most often?

Mostly I helped the prospective student who wants to study in MUNI regarding the administrative issues.

5. Do you have anything to add?

I would like to open further communication with the MUNI officially so that they can provide more scholarships for international students, making more events to promote the possibility to take education abroad and offer more choices of study programs in English for international students or give free Czech language courses.

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