Resetting your mindset towards happiness and success

11. 6. 2021 | Student Life

happiness and successMake yourself happy. Don’t expect others to make you happy. Be the one to think of yourself and keep yourself in a healthier mental space. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Practice positive affirmations:

Normally we end up focusing more on the things we don’t have or not good at rather than being happy about the things we are good at and why we actually want success.

Practice gratitude:

this is by far the best thing I’ve done. Just writing down at least five things I am grateful for everyday puts me in a very positive mindset. Even if you haven’t done much in your day, you will realize that just being thankful for those little things makes you so much happier.

Focus on your dream and work hard towards what you really want.

Just imagine how  accomplished you’re going to feel after achieving your goal. Normally I just tend to do small things everyday that makes me feel closer to my dream.

Judge less:

I know it’s totally normal for us humans to judge others, but every time I find myself in this situation I try to take a step back and change my perspective about it. instead of judging, its better to use that energy to improve yourself.

Be yourself and stay true to yourself: 

Instead of seeing negatives in yourself, make a conscious effort every single day to think of all the positives you have and how far you’ve come in life. Don’t apologize for being who you are. This helps me to stay happier and focus more on my goals.

Find joy in small victories:

don’t wait for the right moment to celebrate you victories, just start where you are because the truth is there is no right moment.

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