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23. 5. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Something exotic to studyIf you’re interested in agriculture but you’d like to also study international relations and regional development, then we might have the right study programme for you that is quite exotic… at least for the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences in Prague offers a unique bachelor programme called International Cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development.

This three-year long programme aims to train future professionals in international assistance projects in rural development and agriculture. It also addresses environmental protection and tackles poverty and securing food resources in developing countries. You’ll learn about project management and international communication in a multicultural environment while studying biological disciplines applied to agriculture.

The tuition fee is very student-friendly, only 8 000 CZK for a year, but you have to pass a written exam from world geography and English language. Previous tests can be found as samples on the faculty’s website so you can prepare accordingly. Internships are done in a form of mandatory training in non-profit organisations, government institutions or private companies.

You can enrol into courses such as Community Based Natural Resource Management in Tropics, Economics of Farming Systems, Geography of World Agriculture, International Development, Rural Technologies, Sociology, Global Economy and Poverty Alleviation, Food Security in Developing Countries, Statistics, Tropical Agricultural Systems, Animal Husbandry, Personal Security and Risk Management, World Ecosystems, Human Nutrition and Prevention of Food-borne Diseases and many others.

So do you wish to first study in the beautiful Central European Czech Republic and then spread your wings and go travelling to other countries all over the world while helping them in the process? This programme might be just for you!

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