Student Ambassadors: Kristi from Albania

16. 6. 2020 | Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors: Kristi from AlbaniaI have just completed my Bachelor’s (Hons) in Computing at Prague College. I chose Prague College because I was interested in studying for a British Degree but at a lower cost than studying in the United Kingdom. Prague College offers this while maintaining high British teaching standards.

Studying in a foreign country comes with obstacles, on one hand you are away from all the comforts of family and friends and suddenly you have a lot of small issues that you need to take care of on your own. But on the other hand when it comes to teaching styles and studying, there are not many noticeable issues. It is simply a different manner of study, which as a student is not too difficult to get used to.

The teaching at Prague College is quite involved, both the teachers and the students have ample opportunities to engage with another. The smaller class sizes give you frequent opportunities to ask questions or talk about topics which interest you.

Has studying at Prague College allowed me to develop my skills? Most definitely! The course content is contemporary and useful when it comes to my future career path, and has naturally expanded my abilities in the IT field which I know for certain will be useful in my future work.

Life in Prague is very active, each week and almost daily something new is happening. Either there is some event going, on or someone new to meet. Somehow Prague brings together very different people, which I find enjoyable. It has an ability to bring together different cultures and experiences.

I stayed at a Student Residence for my first semester and had the chance to make a lot of new friends and meet new people. There is a camaraderie when you live in a building knowing most other people around you are there for the same reasons as you. I would recommend that everyone first start with the Student Residence.

The future is never certain but I’d like to start work in my field, possibly in Prague. This will allow me to gain financial independence and experience in my field before I fully commit to embarking on my Master’s in Computing.

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