Student Ambassadors: Linda Victoria Echefu from Nigeria

12. 11. 2021 | Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors: Linda Victoria Echefu from Nigeria

How did you find out about University of South Bohemia?

Actually I was looking for a Master’s degree which will be involved in pure research because I have been searching for the perfect course which will be in line with my career as a scientist and I love Europe so my search brought out for me University of South Bohemia and I checked out the course (Biological chemistry) and its curriculum and I knew it was perfect for me and the course is taught in English.

Why did you choose Masters in Biological Chemistry?

I chose Biological Chemistry because I have always wanted to be an expert in Systems Biology, the course curriculum is good and flexible and gives me an in-depth area in Biological chemistry.

What was the best about your decision?

Studying here was the best decision I made because it helped me to be able to interact with students having different backgrounds and cultural heritage. I am able to exchange and acquire knowledge from different people. The University made its environment conducive for all these and more.

What was the most difficult?

Being all alone in a foreign country without family is the most difficult. Of course I have travelled a lot but I also want to say the language barrier here is also a factor.

What surprised you the most after you moved in České Budějovice?

The people in my department are warm and friendly, always eager to help. The public transport system here is so fantastic and efficient.

Student Ambassadors: Linda Victoria Echefu from Nigeria

Did you meet some interesting people/BF?

I met quite a few. I got to meet students on Erasmus from Austria, Spain, Italy ,Egypt…. Its quite a lot. Actually they were all nice and eager to interact and mingle. I have a boyfriend so I am not really eager to date.

What would you say to those who are still undecided on pursuing their degree here?

University of South Bohemia is the ideal university to study because the staff and lecturers are friendly and will always help you out. They have areas for sports for those interested in sports, good and affordable restaurants in campus and the dormitory accommodation is also good and always neat. Social activities on campus are fantastic and organized in a way you will interact well. Thank you for your time.

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