Student Ambassadors: Sama from Egypt

15. 6. 2020 | Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors: Sama from EgyptI have been living as a student in Prague for one year studying Business to earn my Bachelor’s (Hons) in International Management at Prague College. I consider the college the best private university in the Czech Republic!

There is a big difference between studying here in the Czech Republic when compared to Egypt. The system and the education level is completely different. I was an IB (International Baccalaureate) student in Egypt so the transition wasn’t too difficult as I had experience with the British system. If I didn’t attend this type of high school then I could have faced some challenges adapting.

The thing I like most about Prague College is the way that the lecturers try to help you, they will never leave you until you understand the lesson content. Especially with assignments and during exam times, they will give you all the instruction needed to achieve good grades. The admissions and student services teams also do everything that is necessary to support and provide us with a comfortable environment to study in.

Moving to Prague was a bit challenging for me in terms of the language, but the college provides language lessons in Czech so this has helped me. The language is very different from English or French, but you can cope and manage fine.

Czech Republic is one of the cheaper countries for attending university when compared to other European countries, and the cost of living and rents are quite low. Life here is very good and the people are friendly and helpful, especially if you try and speak a little Czech.

I lived in the Student Residence for my first semester. It was challenging living with people who do not speak the same native language, however it was cheaper than renting a normal apartment.

Hopefully I will graduate in two years and then I plan to do my Master’s in International Management. I also hope to find a good job here in Prague. So these are my future plans for now!

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