Study horticulture at Mendel University in Brno

28. 3. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Study horticulture at Mendel University in BrnoMendel University in Brno has recently achieved a great feat by developing and patenting a unique spray that protects plants against harmful bacteria. While similar products exist on the market, they’re much less effective than Mendel’s newest invention. The research lasted for ten years and the spray is at least 10 000 better than those currently available for purchase. Does it inspire you? Are you interested in chemistry, gardening and cultivation? Mendel University invites foreign students to study horticulture!

The Faculty of Horticulture is based in Lednice and has the longest tradition of horticultural research and education in the Czech Republic. The faculty consists of an extensive team of experts specialising in floriculture, fruit growing, nursery management, floristry, horticultural machinery, processing and postharvest technology, landscape architecture and ecology. Students have access to the academic library, computers labs, greenhouses equipped with recent technology and other facilities on the school premises.

The variety of subjects taught in English is extensive. You can choose from the applied plant biotechnology, biotechnics of landscape greenery, breeding of fruit, floristics, general dendrology, horticultural machinery, nursery of ornamental plants, plant breeding, postharvest storage of fruit and vegetables, principles of oenology, technology of fruit distillates, winemaking methods and many more.

The University of Agriculture in Krakow, Mendel University in Brno and Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra are partner institutions offering a unique study programme called the International Master of Science in Horticulture. If you’d love to visit more European universities while completing the same study programme without any hindrance, this might be the right choice for you because the first semester is attended in Krakow, the second in Brno and the third in Nitra. The fourth semester is focused on writing your thesis.

If you’d like to take your studies to the highest level, you can apply to the PhD study programme of Horticultural Engineering which will prepare you for true scientific research and solving specific problems in various agricultural fields. As a doctoral student, you will attend university conferences, publish articles and be sent to internships abroad.

There’s no better school if you’re serious about studying agriculture so apply in time!