Studying English in Czechia? Totally possible!

8. 6. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Studying English in CzechiaDid you know that you can study English in the Czech Republic? No, we’re not talking about various study programmes in English, you can study English as it is! You can do so at the Faculty of Arts belonging to Masaryk University in Brno which is one of the best humanities-oriented faculties in Czechia.

You can obtain your bachelor degree studying a three-year long English Language and Literature study programme. It costs 2 500 EUR per academic year with additional 350 EUR living costs. This programme contains four disciplines: language skills, linguistics and translation, literary studies and cultural studies.

Graduates are capable of complex written and speaking expression in English while having deep knowledge of literature, culture and history of English-speaking countries. You can then work in fields such as translating, interpreting, editing, journalism, tourism and teaching.

If you’ve already successfully obtained your bachelor degree in a similar field, you can continue with a two-year long English Language and Literature master programme with the same costs. This study programme is divided into two separate fields—Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Literacy and Cultural Studies—so choose what interests you and focus on it.

Graduates are able write and speak at C2 level and gain deep knowledge of diachronic and synchronic linguistic theories while capable of working independently and conducting critical research. You’ll participate not only in lectures but also conferences and research activities at the faculty.

If you want to become a true expert, MUNI also offers two distinct PhD programmes that last four years and cost 2 000 EUR per semester. Depending on what interests you, choose from either English Linguistics or Literatures in English. Find out which supervisors are accepting new students and contact them directly. They’ll be your guides and consultants throughout your studies and you can be certain they’re excellent in their field.

Don’t hesitate and apply to one of the best ranking universities in the world!

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