Studying in the Czech Republic under Erasmus+

26. 6. 2020 | Study in the Czech Republic

Studying in the Czech Republic under Erasmus+Erasmus+ is the European Commission’s Programme for education, training, youth and sport. The programme offers students and young professionals a chance to study, train, and gain experience abroad. Czech Republic is one of the programme countries, so if you wish to study at one of the Czech universities, you may also come under the Erasmus+ programme.

Participation in Erasmus+ is open to students, teachers, apprentices, volunteers, youth leaders and people working in grassroots’ sport, as well as organizations. However, the eligibility of individuals and organizations depends on the country in which they are based.

Eligible countries are divided into two groups – Programme countries and Partners countries. Programme countries are eligible for all actions of Erasmus+, but Partner countries can only take part in some, and are subject to specific conditions. Czech Republic is one of the programme countries, which allows students from eligible countries to come study at one of the Czech universities.

If you wish to study at one of the Czech universities under the Erasmus+ programme, you must first check with your home institution to see if it has an agreement with a particular faculty or department at the Czech university of your choice. Then you should follow the nomination selection process at your home institution and afterwards go through the process of acceptance at the chosen Czech university. The conditions to fulfill in order to receive an acceptance letter differ at each school, but most commonly include an online application, a certificate proving your level of English and a Learning Agreement.

The duration of a participant’s study abroad can range from one semester up to a year. Going on studies abroad is not only a great opportunity in terms of academia, but also in terms of personal life and career perspectives. When studying abroad, students can learn a foreign language, meet new people, explore a different culture of given country, and improve their position on the job market. If you’re still considering whether to study abroad, here’s top 10 reasons why you definitely should.

The number of of Erasmus students coming to the Czech Republic is growing each year, but American students still made up the biggest percentage of foreigners coming to the country for short-term studies in 2019. After Americans, most short-term students were French, German and Spanish. The total number of foreign students enrolled at Czech universities has increased three-fold over the last fifteen years. In 2018, foreigners accounted for around 15 % of the total number of students enrolled in Czech higher education institutions.

If you’re wondering which Czech university offers the best Erasmus+ opportunities for you, visit our university search portal to browse the recommended universities in the country. If you’d like to pursue a degree in the Czech Republic as a full-time student, read our guide on to how to get started and what to know.

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