15 Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

14. 1. 2024 | Study in the Czech Republic

Why to Study in the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic is a great place to study. Let’s have a look at 15 good reasons why you should choose Czechia above other countries for your studies.

#1 Czech people are friendly and helpful toward foreigners. They speak English, but if you learn some words and phrases in Czech, you will win their hearts.

#2 The Czech Republic is a safe country. According to the Global Peace Index 2023, the Czech Republic is the 12th safest country in the world.

#3 Czech food is very good. It’s rich in flavors and tastes great. If you don’t take to Czech cuisine, you can choose from many other national cuisines. There are lots of good restaurants all over the country.

#4 There are a lot of historical monuments and interesting museums to see. You can also visit many castles and chateaux to experience a touch of history.

#5 There are a lot of interesting cultural events and traditions in Czechia, e. g. wine festivals, the Carnival (Masopust in Czech), Christmas markets, and Easter traditions.

#6 There are a lot of parks and green areas in Czech towns. They are very popular places to go for a walk, study, or just chill outside.

#7 Czech nature is beautiful. You can go to one of the natural parks, like Šumava or Krkonoše. You can also visit various rock formations or forested areas. These places are perfect for hiking.

#8 The Czech climate is very pleasant. The climate is mild with four distinct seasons – the spring full of sprouts and fresh air, the warm summer, the autumn full of fallen leaves and vibrant colors, and the winter with snow. Each season of the year is magical in its own way.

#9 Czechia is a perfect country for sports. There are fitness centers, swimming pools, football fields, tennis courts, and other sports facilities all over the country. In the winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding in one of the Czech mountain resorts. The opportunities to stay fit in Czechia are countless.

#10 There are a lot of nice pubs and coffee shops to hang out with friends. Czech beer is very popular. People love its bitter and refreshing taste, which goes well with Czech food. If you don’t care for beer, there are also places specializing in wine.

#11 The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. This is convenient as Czechia is a great starting point when traveling around Europe. A lot of interesting European destinations can be easily accessible from here.

#12 The Internet connection is stable. The providers will enable you to use good-quality and high-speed internet so that you don’t have to be worried about losing touch with the world.

#13 If you have any health issues, you can be very well taken care of in Czechia. The Czech healthcare system is excellent. The hospitals have top-notch equipment and use advanced technology. Czech doctors constantly educate themselves to be able to provide their patients with the best care possible.

#14 The public transport works very well. You don’t need a car and you can get everywhere you need. There also is a good railway network in the Czech Republic. This makes weekend trips by train very easy and enjoyable.

#15 Good education. Czech universities provide their students with a great education, wonderful academic backgrounds, and important skills to meet the needs of the market. Czech universities are also important research centers. The universities also have well-equipped laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, and everything you need to study efficiently and be set for success.


Doesn’t that sound great? There are many more reasons to study in the Czech Republic. To learn more about universities in Czechia, click here.










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