Where to Look for Information About Universities

27. 12. 2023 | Study in the Czech Republic

Where to Look for Information About UniversitiesChoosing the right university is an important step. In this article, we will focus on sources to find valid information about universities.

Before you start doing your research, think about the expectations you have. This way you know what to look for. Consider the possible options you will have as a graduate from the specific university you choose. Think of the career path you would like to take. Your interests might change a bit over time. You might discover new fields of study and take a different path from your original one. Nevertheless, by having a steady academic background supported by a well-balanced curriculum, you can afford to be flexible.

Check out the websites

Make sure you check the official websites of the universities. Have a closer look at what universities have to offer. You might come across a very interesting program you haven’t heard about before. Compare the curriculum of different schools. Focus on the number of subjects training practical skills. At some schools, the students go on certain forms of internship. This way they can see what their future profession is all about. Future teachers go to schools, future doctors to hospitals, and future scientists to labs. Universities provide their students with plenty of theory, but at the same time, the areas of study should correspond with the needs of the market. A lot of universities offer plenty of subjects for you to pick from depending on your current interests. This is something to look into.

To find out more about studying in the Czech Republic, you can start at the University Search. There you can pick a field of your interest and check out the options you have.

See for yourself

Czech universities are open to the public on certain days. At these events, you can see the school environment, meet some of the teachers, and speak to the students, who can provide you with invaluable information. If you have the opportunity, make sure to take advantage of these open-door events.

Talk to other students

Talk to peers who study at your dream university. You might meet other students during the public day mentioned above. Maybe you know someone who studies at the school you are interested in. Maybe your friends do. You can also join groups on social media to discuss various study-related topics. This way you get information straight from the source. Who else can provide you with honest guidance other than the students themselves? Ask about everything you’re interested in. You can also learn what to focus on when preparing for the entrance exams and see the insider’s point of view.

Watch Videos

A lot of universities make videos. We live in a visually-based society. Therefore, videos are a great way to showcase the range of possibilities the school has to offer. Some students make videos to share their experiences with their studies, the challenges they face, and the things they enjoy about their student life in Czechia.

Making the best decision is not a piece of cake. May you choose the perfect university for you and fulfill your dreams. Good luck!

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