University of New York partnered with the Olympic team and Jaromír Jágr

21. 9. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

University of New York in Prague partnershipThe University of New York in Prague announces its three major partnerships for the year. These partnerships are – with the Czech Olympics team, Rytíři Kladno and the Czech Economics Olympiad, have agreed to continue the university’s long–term vision of forming high-level Czech sports and academic partnerships. This arrangement is serving to strengthen the message that the leaders of tomorrow not only need a healthy body but a healthy mind to support it. UNYP wants to show the young sportsmen that there are many career opportunities in competitive sports other than direct athletic participation. These career options can be used to pursue a viable future for them.

In 2020, UNYP launched a  Business Administration degree with a concentration in Sports Management. The launch of this program was to celebrate the successful four-year partnership with Sparta Floorball. This program was started as the university had seen keen interest in athletes who wish to study a more business-related sports program than a traditional science-based Sports management degree. The enhance the importance of sports in the university, this year UNYP will put another step forward and begin these new partnerships with:

Czech Olympic Committee

From January 2022 through the end of 2026 UNYP will become the official education supplier of the Czech Olympics team. The university will also operate as the main partner of the Czech Team’s Dual Career project. This project helps prepare former athletes for life after competitive athletics.

Rytíři Kladno

Their vision is to support the youth and disadvantaged young people in the Czech Republic. It was in this shared vision that the partnership was developed. Their hope is to educate an elite generation of new Czech hockey players who can excel both on and off the rink.

Economic Olympiad

This partnership is to increase the economic literacy of Czech youth. The goal is to educate the Czech youth about economic value from an early age so that they build an understanding of money and investment from their adulthood. This will probably help them make fewer mistakes along the way.

During the press conference on the UNYP campus where all the partnerships were announced, artwork by David Strauzz was revealed. He is a highly respected street artist, and he specifically created this artwork for UNYP  to highlight the leaders of The Czech Republic who made sacrifices for Czech freedom.

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