What Kind of School is Unicorn University? Graduates Share Experiences

14. 2. 2022 | PR articles

Unicorn UniversityIn the last two years, we have seen a vast transformation of the education system. A growing number of people find out, that the digitisation waits for nobody. New times bring new opportunities and now you can study virtually anywhere at any time. This is a primary objective of Unicorn University, a private institution of higher learning, operating in the Czech Republic since 2007. And it seems it has achieved it, as the success rate of its graduates is 100%.

Unicorn University offers bachelor and master study programmes in IT, business, and data analysis. Its students may take advantage of hands-on lessons and a personalised approach. “Our lecturers are usually industry experts with extensive practical experience, and our subjects often include workshops and hackathons, with students working on real-world projects,” says Marek Beránek, Unicorn University Managing Director. According to him, the university encourages its students to work on its research and development projects, including, among others, its Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory project.

Working for CERN

Also, the university has established long-term cooperation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). This institution runs technical facilities used to investigate the circumstances surrounding the birth of our universe, allowing scientists to observe what happened in the first moments following the Big Bang. Unicorn University students may participate in this project, under the leadership of Unicorn University Managing Director, Marek Beránek, and even receive a financial compensation.

Jaromír Tomšů, a Unicorn University graduate, worked on this project for over a year, first as a tester and later as a development coordinator. “To become involved in such a project and to work with Mr. Beránek was quite fulfilling and it was a great experience,” says Tomšů.

However, there are other projects in which Unicorn University students may participate. As Unicorn University was founded under the auspices of the Unicorn Group, its students may visit the IT company and participate in other real-world projects, as a part of their mandatory internships or otherwise.

Unicorn University

100% Success Rate

Unicorn University graduates and others confirm that students attending this university are well prepared to face the future. This is clearly evidenced by how successful they are in the labour market. The graduates have 100% employment rate, while working in the fields they studied. Plus, they can usually find a job even before they finish their studies. Marek Vamberský, a graduate from the Economics and Management programme, is a living proof of that. Marek has got his first job at Unicorn as a Unicorn University student. “The lasting bond between the university and the thriving company provided me with more options. I got involved in real-world projects and worked within an established system.” He also praises the availability of online study materials, allowing you to study anywhere at any time.

Helping You Start Your Own Business

The university prepares its students for life of business, as evidenced by Vratislav Kalenda, who successfully completed its ICT Project Management programme. Right after graduating, he went to establish a software company, Applifting. The unique mix of studied subjects, from algorithm development, to programming, to business and accounting, has been a major reason for his success. “A great idea is not enough, you need to understand marketing and sales as well. Thanks to my studies at Unicorn University, I gained practical experience and financial literacy, as well as some basic knowledge of business.” At present, Applifting employs 130 workers and recently opened a branch office in London.

Study From Anywhere

Unicorn University also holds the primacy of becoming the first institution of higher learning in the Czech Republic to obtain the accreditation from National Accreditation Bureau for fully online study, for its study programmes of Software Development and Business Management. Consequently, it allows its students to study virtually from any place where Internet access is available. “Our goal is to win international acclaim as a university attended by people from all over the world. We would like to let anybody study from anywhere at any time and I am happy to say we have been successful so far,” says Beránek.

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