Czech degrees

Academic Glossary – What you need to know

Absolutorium = A graduate examination Bakalář, Bc. = Bachelor Bakalářské studium = Bachelor’s degree programme Bakalář umění, BcA. = Bachelor of Arts DrSc. = Doctor of Science Iženýr, Ing. = Engineer Ing. arch. = Engineer of Architecture Imatrikulace = Matriculation JUDr. = Doctor of Law Magistr umění, MgA. = Master of Arts Magistr, Mgr. = Master Magisterské studium = Master’s […]

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List of Czech Academic Titles and their correct spelling

Having completed a higher education degree in the Czech Republic, students are granted the right to use academic titles. Use of academic titles in the Czech Republic is typically limited to official and business communication. In common conversations, people are addressed with their title only if they have introduced themselves with it or if one […]

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