Academic Glossary – What you need to know

18. 11. 2019 | Study in the Czech Republic


Absolutorium = A graduate examination

Bakalář, Bc. = Bachelor

Bakalářské studium = Bachelor’s degree programme

Bakalář umění, BcA. = Bachelor of Arts

DrSc. = Doctor of Science

Iženýr, Ing. = Engineer

Ing. arch. = Engineer of Architecture

Imatrikulace = Matriculation

JUDr. = Doctor of Law

Magistr umění, MgA. = Master of Arts

Magistr, Mgr. = Master

Magisterské studium = Master’s degree programme

Maturitní zkouška = A school-leaving exam

MBA = Master of Business Administration

MDDr. = Doctor of Dentistry

Motivační dopis = Motivation letter

MUDr. = Doctor of Medicine

MVDr. = Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Obhajoba diplomové práce = Defence of a thesis

Ph.D. = Doctor

Ph.Dr. = Doctor of Philosophy

PharmDr. = Doctor of Pharmacy

Přijímací řízení = Admission process

Přijímací test = Entrance examination

RNDr. = Doctor of Natural Sciences

Státní rigorózní zkouška = An advanced study examination

Státní závěrečná zkouška = A final state examination

Vysoká škola = A higher education institution

Th.D. = Doctor of Theology

Vysokoškolský diplom = A higher education diploma

Vyšší odborná škola = Tertiary professional school

Životopis = Curriculum Vitae

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