4 Tips to Improve Your Language Skills

24. 10. 2023 | Student Life

4 Tips to Improve Your Language SkillsLanguages are in high demand these days. The knowledge of a foreign language can open an entirely new world to you. You can meet interesting people, new opportunities lie ahead, and traveling becomes easier. What is more, by learning a foreign language, you train your brain. When you study a foreign language, you are becoming more efficient in studying other subjects as well. As for your language knowledge, you never know when it will come in handy. Let’s have a look at some fun ways to improve your language skills and study languages more effectively.

#1 Read the news

Thanks to the internet, nowadays it’s very easy to have access to the news. When you read the news, you will know what’s going on out there while practicing your language skills at the same time. There is a specific vocabulary typical of the news. If you read more and more pieces of news, you come across the same or similar vocabulary over and over again. This way new vocabulary sticks in your memory better. Practice makes perfect.

#2 Read a book you have already read in your mother tongue

Reading is a great way to learn a foreign language. That goes without saying. You learn new vocabulary while reading an interesting story. When you first start reading books in a foreign language, it can be a bit of a challenge. If you regularly read a page or two a day, you will see great results in a short time. As your reading skills improve, you can read more and more pages during one session. It’s a good idea to start with a book you know well. It might be a book you have already read in your mother tongue. Pick a book you enjoy, start reading, and you can bet on improving your language skills super fast.

#3 Watch short videos

When you study a foreign language, one of the options is to watch movies with subtitles in the target language. That is great. It comes with a but. You don’t always have time to watch the whole movie. Try watching short videos instead. There are endless possibilities when it comes to resources. You can watch videos about topics you’re interested in. Watching videos has one big advantage. You can always pause the video and consult the dictionary for new vocabulary. This way you can learn a lot.

#4 Talk to yourself

However crazy this might sound, it works. If something happens to you, comment on it in the language you’re practicing. Try to talk about your day, describe your friends, or think about the tasks that have to be done. If you’re cooking dinner, describe what you’re doing. Think about the ingredients you’re going to cook with, think about all the names of the bowls, pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment you’re going to use, and name the actions you have to take (like peeling the onions or blending your veggies).  Express all of your thoughts in the target language. There is one more bonus to mention. Speaking out loud, you also practice your pronunciation.


Hopefully you find these tips helpful. Happy studying!

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