Making ends meet as a student in the Czech Republic

School tuition, studying abroad, accommodation and a laptop are just some of inevitable expenses you’ll have to pay for when attending university. If you don’t have a stable income yet, it’s always better to avoid loans. However, there’s often no other way if money is desperately needed. We present a few useful tips how to …

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Studying in the Czech Republic: Economics and Finance

Economics is a social science that deals with the production, use and transfer of wealth. The study of economics involves a variety of subject areas such as politics, law, sociology and geography. Obtaining a degree in economics will give you a range of subject-specific skills that will allow you to apply for various jobs as …

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Czech student loans comparison

Studying a university can be financially tough – one must pay rent, food, tuition, textbooks… Although the living costs in the Czech Republic are significantly lower than in most other EU countries, it is still important to think carefully about how to finance your studies and life abroad. The Czech universities charge no tuition fees …

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