Czech student loans comparison

11. 11. 2019 | Student Life

Czech loans for studentsStudying a university can be financially tough – one must pay rent, food, tuition, textbooks… Although the living costs in the Czech Republic are significantly lower than in most other EU countries, it is still important to think carefully about how to finance your studies and life abroad.

The Czech universities charge no tuition fees for degree programmes taught in the Czech language. However, degree programmes taught in English are subject to tuition fees which vary from university to university. Most faculties and universities offer some scholarships for their students, but they are usually not high enough to cover all expenses.

Living costs in the Czech Republic are significantly lower than in most other EU countries, but the financial burden might still be too high for one to face without a financial help. There is no government-sponsored loan system in the Czech Republic, but some Czech banks offer student loans.

Komerční Banka (KB)

Komerční banka offers services for foreigners including student bank accounts and student loans. KB offers two types of student loans: Gaudeamus Loan and Micro Gaudeamus. Gaudeamus allows for a loan in the amount of CZK 20,000-600,000 for college and university students who may use the money to pay anything from tuition to school supplies and electronic devices. Micro Gaudeamus offers college and university students a loan in the amount of CZK 10,000-30,000. The money can be used for mobile phones, tablets, computers and training courses.

Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB)

Československá obchodní banka provides its services to all groups of clients including English-speaking foreigners. The bank does not offer a specific student loan, but a loan for anything. The bank can lend you up to CZK 800,000 with an interest rate from 4,9 % p.a.


Raiffeisenbank offers a student account for both domestic and international students. The English-friendly bank also provides loans between CZK 20,000 to CZK 700,000.

Unicredit Bank

Unicredit bank also offers services in English. There is no specific student loan, but a loan for anything with an interest rate of 3.89 % p.a.

Česká spořitelna

This bank is also English-friendly and provides student accounts. Česká spořitelna does not offer a student loan, but it can lend you up to CZK 800,000 at an interest rate from 5.9 % p.a.

Equa bank

Equa bank is another bank offering services for international clients including a loan up to CZK 700,000.

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