Teaching English as a foreign language in Czechia

Teaching English is a popular job choice of many students who you’d like to visit various countries and study or work there, often only for a year or two. While finding employment in other work spaces usually requires very specific qualifications and you are bound by a strict contract, teaching English is a rather flexible …

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How to write a CV

Weekend part-time jobs are in full swing. If you’re still looking for work, you’ll certainly appreciate a few tips on writing a flawless CV. Do you argue that writing a CV is nothing difficult? Well, you’d be surprised how many mistakes your resume probably contains. Let’s have a look at what you shouldn’t forget to …

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Student Jobs in the Czech Republic

An employment relationship in the Czech Republic is established by an employment contract. The employment contract must include the type of work which the employee will perform, the place or places of his work and the date on which the employee will start working. In addition to employment contract, the Czech Labor Code provides two …

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