University of Ostrava will plant a tree for every student application received

The motto of University of Ostrava for this year is: “Influence not only your own future.” The university wants to remind its students of their importance for the society by the motto and decided to highlight its meaning by its commitment to plant a tree for every student application received. “We saw an increase in …

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Students of Technical University of Ostrava won bronze in the prestigious robot competition

The RoverOva team of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava succeeded in the European Rover Challenge mobile robot competition in Poland. The Czech team succeeded among 29 teams from all over the world and rejoiced in the 3rd place. The thirteen-member team from the Department of Robotics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VSB-TUO …

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The third largest city is Ostrava, the administrative center of the Moravian-Silesian region. Ostrava is situated only 15 kilometers from the border with Poland and is the meeting point of four rivers: Odra, Opava, Ostravice and Lucina. Ostrava used to be a coal-mining and metallurgical center, but in the past three decades, its economic bas …

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