6 Tips to Write a Stunning Essay

24. 1. 2024 | Student Life

Writing essayWriting essays is a very important part of studying. In this article, we shall have a look at some tips for writing an essay that will stand out.

#1 Start with brainstorming.

When you have a topic to write about, think about the things you would like to mention. Write down everything you know related to the topic. This will give you an idea of what possibilities you have when creating your essay.

#2 Do your research.

Make a list of resources you would like to use. These can be books or useful websites. Don’t forget to mention the resources according to the given rules. Once you have a list, you can delve into the subject more deeply. Take notes and expand your brainstorming.

#3 Think about the structure.

Before writing, it helps to lay out the structure first. Write down the main topics and parts of the essay. There are generally three of them – the introduction, the body of the essay, and the ending and conclusion of the essay. Focus on the body. What is going to be your main focus? Which issues are you going to mention? What are the main sub-topics? Look at the brainstorming you had done before. Think about writing an essay as if you were building a house. Your structure is something like scaffolding. You know what the house is going to look like. Now you just have to add the bricks and the building materials to complete it. When you have your essay structure, you fill in the content. This way you know exactly what to write about.

#4 Start with general problems.

Start by introducing the problems you’re going to write about in a broader context. This will help your reader to get prepared for your chosen topic, which will be dealt with in a more specific and detailed manner later on. Starting from the general, you will set the frame of your work. Also, this way it will be easier to build the structure of your essay. After telling the reader about the topic in general, scale down to the core of the specific issue you are writing about.

#5 Use appropriate language.

Use a wide range of vocabulary. Be careful not to use over-complicated sentence structures. The reader might get lost. Use clearer sentences instead. This doesn’t mean that you should express yourself in bare sentences. Think about each sentence structure you make. Will it deliver your message the way it’s supposed to? Won’t the reader get lost? Asking yourself these questions might help.

#6 Imagine the target reader.

It helps to imagine the person you’re writing the essay for. Of course, your teacher is going to be the one to read it. Think about your essay as a message to a wider audience. It might be published in a bulletin or a magazine. Think about writing an essay as a craft. You are here to write the best possible masterpiece on a given topic. Imagine the people who might be interested in it. Visualize them appreciating your work. This will give you an extra boost of motivation.


Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful and inspiring. Good luck creating great and memorable essays.

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