A Rainy summer day in Prague, 2021

23. 8. 2021 | Student Life

Prague in rainThere are a lot of things to do in Prague on a rainy summer day when the weather is not cooperating. Staying at home is always a good option, but it’s also great to step out of the house to explore the beautiful city when the weather is gloomy.

Czech food is something that will not leave your side during your entire span of stay in the city. You will always have an amazing Czech restaurant to go to and enjoy the beer and delicious fried cheese. Not only that but you can also find many international cuisines in Prague to try. All you have to do is step out of the house and walk a bit.

Enjoy the weather by getting some steps in and getting fit. You can always go for a swim, or challenge a friend to a badminton match or an intense table tennis set. You can find more options in Olšanka sportovní centrum, which is just a tram away from the University of New York in Prague. You can also go and visit escape rooms with a bunch of friends, such as Questerland in Vinohrady. There is also Harlequin in Vršovice for an afternoon of bowling, laser tag, pool, and foosball.

Other than the sightseeing, Prague also has the rest of the culture to explore – like museums, exhibitions, and expos. The National Museum at Museum metro station, or play with the exhibits at the technical Museum. Creative people will enjoy themselves for hours in DOX, the center for contemporary arts, and the National Gallery in Letná which always has amazing exhibitions. It is also a good idea to check out Prague’s independent cinemas such as Bio Oko, Aero, and Kino pilotu. They are way more appealing than the huge multiplexes, with many options of movies to choose from.

Other than these things, it is also a great idea to just step out of the house and go shopping. Shopping is something that someone can never get enough of. The biggest malls are found on the outskirts, and can be conveniently reached with public transport. Ikea can also be a good place to hide from the rain where you can spend an entire afternoon. Bad weather is a good opportunity for shopping as you wouldn’t want to be in a mall when the sun comes out.


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