Are you looking for challenging study programmes?

17. 5. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsThe Faculty of Mathematics and Physics belonging to Charles University invites highly motivated and diligent foreign students who are passionate about computer science and mathematics and want to study at one of the most famous universities in Europe that ranks among the top 2%. Are you up for a real study challenge?

Currently, the faculty offers in English one 3-year long bachelor degree programme Computer Science if you are interested in specializations such as programming and software development, systems programming, databases, web, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and game development.

You can also apply for a follow-up 2-year long master degree programme in the same field of Computer Science and develop your skills further. Or try a master programme Mathematics if you’re into mathematical structures, analysis, probability and statistics. There’s also a master programme Physics  for those interested in particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter, optics and plasma.

The annual tuition fee is 140 000 CZK but students from the European Union can apply for a 40% discount. The school also offers several scholarships and a school dormitory which makes studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics really affordable.

Alternatively, you can apply for the exchange programme Erasmus+ if you’re already studying computer science, mathematics or physics at another university but you want to try studying in Prague for one or two semesters. However, if your university doesn’t have an exchange agreement with Charles University, you may still come but you have to pay tuition fees yourself.

If you’re interested in these challenging study fields, there’s hardly a more prestigious university you could attend so don’t miss this opportunity!