Buddy program and biomedical research at CTU

24. 8. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

biomedical engineeringThe Czech Technical University (CTU) had a good reason to celebrate recently. For the first time ever, CTU ranked in top 400 universities according to the prestigious QS World University Ranking! We already covered their unique biomedical engineering programmes but did you know that CTU also offers a super-friendly buddy system and is involved in various research activities?

The Buddy Program organised by the International Student Club CTU aims to help foreign students with their arrival. If you plan to study abroad and your dream university is CTU, you still might be a bit afraid of our language and not knowing anyone here. If you sign up for the Buddy Program, your buddy will pick you up at the airport, help with the accommodation and kindly show you around.

If you’d like to learn Czech, other foreign language or teach yourself, the club offers free language courses taught by Czech and exchange students. The club also organises trips to get you acquainted with our beautiful country and its rich history. There’s a chance to explore neighbouring countries as well. After all, Czechia is in the heart of Europe so everything is around the corner!

If you’re thinking about applying to the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, you might want to know what kind of research they engage in. There are currently several highly qualified expert teams, each delving into their own research topic.

Biosignal recognition and artificial intelligence in neuroscience is involved in the processing and analysis of EEG records such as detecting epilepsy, documenting sleep states and memory consolidation. Biotelemetry systems team focuses on measuring, transmission, processing and imaging biological signals in real time. They’re developing telemetric systems especially for monitoring professionals like athletes, soldiers and firefighters in stress conditions.

Another project researches the interaction of XUV radiation with biological objects. Since we normally don’t get into contact with electromagnetic radiation with wave lengths 1-100nm because it’s absorbed by the atmosphere, there could be still some interesting implementations in biology. There’s also a team working on non-conventional ventilatory systems that focuses on novel techniques for treatment of acute as well as chronical respiratory insufficiencies.

Very unique research is being conducted in the process of rehabilitation care with patients who suffered brain injury. The team is trying to treat these patients using virtual reality, mobile apps and telemedicine systems. Telemedicine is also used to monitor and support the treatment of patients with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. They’re developing smart systems for mobile phones, wearable electronics, mobile medical devices and smart scales.

Intrigued? Apply now, ask for a buddy and look forward to studying in Czechia!

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