Business, technology or both?

28. 5. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Business, technology or both?If you’d like to study in a city smaller than Prague but still reasonably big and historical, the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice offers study programmes in English that really focus on practical application, not just theory, while cooperating with regional entrepreneurs.

You can choose from three bachelor and two master programmes. All study programmes cost 1347 EUR per semester. The school is part of Erasmus+ and supports student exchange. The campus has a recently modernised rest area with a cafeteria, a multilingual library, a computer lab and technical labs.

Bachelor programmes

If you’d like to become an expert in machine design and production technology, go for Mechanical Engineering. This programme will prepare you for designing structures and various mechanisms. The best thing is a 13-week long practical education that will develop your practical skills needed for a future job in industrial companies.

Business Administration focuses on the economics and management. You’ll also learn things such as financial management, accountancy and business activities management. The programme consists of many seminars to gain real experience.

If you’d rather enjoy solving peculiar problems of transport, Technology and Transport Management might be the right programme for you. It’ll also teach you economic, social and cultural aspects of this line of work as transport of goods often happens on the international level.

Master programmes

If you’ve already finished business administration and successfully obtained your bachelor degree, you can continue to study Business Administration in a master programme. You’ll be able to broaden your knowledge even further while mastering practical skills with an emphasis on production processes.

Alternatively, you can go for Logistics Technologies because logistics is a very important sector these days, still expanding and demanding new processes to be established to increase efficiency.  It’s vital not only in manufacturing but in almost all industries.