Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

27. 3. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Erasmus for Young EntrepreneursUniversity of South Bohemia is cooperating with Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia in order to promote a special European Erasmus programme for young entrepreneurs. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is an international exchange programme which aims to support entrepreneurship and valuable work experience exchange across Europe.

Aspiring young entrepreneurs who apply will have a chance to travel abroad for a professional internship. During that time they will work at a host company while learning about everyday aspects of leading a successful business. Compared to a traditional internship, EYE wants their participants to become truly a part of the host company. Therefore, you will be able to gain invaluable practical experience.

The project is supported in 39 countries so far and the internship usually lasts from one to six months. Aspiring entrepreneurs can also get a financial support up to 1 100 EUR/month. At the same time this programme isn’t connected to Erasmus+ so students or graduates who had already completed their Erasmus can apply as well.