Number of full-time foreign students in Czechia continues to grow

15. 3. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Number of full-time foreign students in CzechiaDespite the covid-19 pandemic, the number of foreign students enrolled in full-time degree programmes in the Czech Republic grew by more than 8 percent in 2020. On the contrary, there were fewer Erasmus students in the country due to the pandemic.

The number of foreign students has been growing for 10 years. Last year, the growth might have been influenced by easier admission process and online access to degree programmes, which made it easier for foreign students to begin studying in the Czech Republic online.

The largest growth and the largest changes in numbers came among students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some Central Asian states. This is again a long-term trend. One the other hand, there has also been an increase in students coming from India or Iran.

Currently, 17 percent of all university students in the Czech Republic are international students.

Czech higher education institutions offer increasing number of study programmes and courses taught in foreign language, especially in English. Prospective students can choose from a wide range of interesting and unique courses along with well-established and traditional specializations.  In addition to the general Undergraduate and Masters programmes, many students decide to come to the Czech Republic to do their PhD programme there or choose to come for a short time experience via an exchange programme, internship or summer school.